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Races on Zombie
Name str dex con int wis siz exp hpr spr skill m/c spell m/c Racial Abilities/Notes (key)
Ajoatling77777777776086272795/9095/90see magicsee invisinfravisioncan eat corpses
Centaur757575656565902820100/10090/100natural weapons
Cherub50705090904583106085/120100/70sensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)cannot wield 2h weapons at allweaker in the darkmust stay good alignedcan fly above water
Cromagnon75708550505590308100/8045/200thick skin
Cyclops100559040401008625985/14015/200can wield 2h weapons in one handthick skinambidexterous
Devil707070858570100282895/11595/115see magicsee invisinfravisioncan't eat normal foodcan eat corpsesmust stay evil alignedallergic to water
Djinni807075757070852525100/150100/150see magicinfravisioncan wield 2h weapons in one hand
Drow709060856540852525100/9095/80infravisionsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)weaker in sunlightmust stay evil alignedallergic to sunlightambidexterous
Dwarf80709065654095252595/7565/200infravisionthick skin
Duck50756090701510572380/13595/85sensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)cannot wield 2h weapons at allcan fly above water
Elf60706080905590184090/80100/80see magic
Ent75506570907095193195/12595/80see magicinfravisionthick skinregen faster in water
Giant1006510040401008518980/12515/200can wield 2h weapons in one handthick skin
Golem90609030308789351090/12040/200infravisioncan wield 2h weapons in one handthick skinnatural weaponscan eat corpsesambidexterous
Imp505050505035118151570/15070/150see magicsee invisinfravisionsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)cannot wield 2h weapons at allthick skinnatural weaponscan eat corpsescan fly above water
Kobold556055606040125111165/20065/200infravisionthick skincan eat corpses
Lizardman75806580656095202090/10075/100infravisionthick skinnatural weaponscan eat corpses
Merfolk507050707050100162790/11095/110waterbreathingregen faster in water
Merrow758575505065105181590/13050/180thick skinwaterbreathingregen faster in water
Mind flayer4575459595608087080/133100/70infravisionsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)can't eat normal foodmust stay evil aligned
Minotaur807080507075105232380/9065/150infravisionsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)natural weaponscan eat corpses
Orc757070505050105232395/13355/165infravisioncan eat corpsesweaker in sunlightambidexterous
Satyr457070808040105182675/10595/90see magic
Seraph757076757165100282895/11090/110see magicsee invisinfravisionweaker in the darkmust stay good alignedallergic to darknesscan fly above water
Sprite4010040707010851230100/75100/75see magicinfravisioncannot wield 2h weapons at allcan fly above water
Thrikhren455555100706085124585/150100/75infravisionthick skinnatural weaponscan eat corpses
Toadman70857070604590381590/9090/90waterbreathingregen faster in waterresists cursingambidexterous
Tinman757560755050105191995/9085/90see magicinfravisionsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)thick skinnatural weaponscan eat corpsesallergic to water
Titan80758070808390233395/12595/120infravisioncan wield 2h weapons in one handmust stay good aligned
Treant854070601009090242880/11085/85infravisioncan wield 2h weapons in one handthick skinnatural weaponsregen faster in water
Troll80609045456510070975/12550/200infravisionescape deaththick skinnatural weaponscan eat corpses
Valkyrie70906060708093232385/10585/105see magicsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)can wield 2h weapons in one handmust stay femalecan fly above waterambidexterous
Vampire75807585606090333390/120100/120see magicinfravisionescape deathcan't eat normal foodweaker in sunlightallergic to waterallergic to sunlight
Wolfman808070606055100232090/10080/100infravisionsensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance)escape death
Yeti85658560508590251590/11575/195infravisioncan wield 2h weapons in one handthick skin
Highland dwarf955510065654085189100/1255/200can wield 2h weapons in one hand
Mountain dwarf92619165664090401090/1005/200infravisioncan wield 2h weapons in one handambidexterous
Sea elf75757580755588323495/9595/95see magic
Wood elf70907565825595232690/11080/100see magic
Racial Abilities Key
infravision Infravision
Allows this race to see in the dark. Extremely good to have, especially for newbies.
see invis See Invisible
Allows this race to see invisible things. There are some monsters in the game that are inivisible. This also allows you to see invisible players.
see magic See Magic
Allows this race to see glows on magical items. Read my EQ for Newbies guide to learn about glows.
must stay female Must Stay Female
This race looses half their stats when not female. The easiest way to change genders is to ask a cleric to cast the 'sex change' spell on you.
must stay good aligned Must Stay Good Aligned
This race looses half their stats when not good aligned. Kill lots of evil monsters to become good again.
must stay evil aligned Must Stay Evil Aligned
This race looses half their stats when not evil aligned. Kill lots of good monsters to become evil again.
weaker in the dark Weaker in the Dark
This race looses half their stats when in the dark. Make sure you have the 'light' spell always cast, or wear lots of EQ with +light.
allergic to sunlight Allergic to Sunlight
This race will take damage when under sunlight. Make sure you have the 'darkness' spell always cast, wear lots of EQ with +darkness, or buy a scare fig hat (A Battered Straw Hat) to block the sun.
weaker in sunlight Weaker in Sunlight
This race looses half their stats when under sunlight. See 'Allergic to Sunlight' for tips on avoiding the sun.
allergic to darkness Allergic to Darkness
This race will take damage when in dark rooms. See 'Allergic to Darkness' for tips on avoiding the dark.
thick skin Thick Skin
This race gains a 10% bonus to their physical resistance. Nice to have for fighter guilds.
natural weapons Good Natural Weapons
This race has a natural bonus to their weapon class. Nice to have for fighter guilds.
regen faster in water Regens Faster in Water
This race will get ticks faster when in a room with water. Other than outworld rooms with water, the druid spell 'cloudburst' will create water in a room.
allergic to water Allergic to Water
This race is will take damage when in rooms with water in them. Stay away from water; make sure your area macros don't run over water.
can eat corpses Can Eat Corpses
This race can eat the corpses of slain monsters. You can eat corpses to get rid of them and you don't have to buy bread.
can't eat normal food Can't Eat Normal Food
This race cannot eat normal food items. Mind Flayers must drain sps from a player to become satiated. Vampires must 'bite <target>' to eat (causes some small damage). Devils may only eat corpses.
can wield 2h weapons in one hand 2h in 1h
This race wields two-handed weapons in one hand. They may NOT wield one-handed weapons at all. Most useful for fighter guilds. You can enlarge 1h weapons (with a wand or abjurer spell) into 2h weapons. Enlarged weapons game some WC.
cannot wield 2h weapons at all No 2h at all
This race may not wield a two-handed weapon at all. You can reduce 2h weapons into 1h with a wand or the abjurer spell 'reduce weapon'. Reduced weapons lose some of their WC.
ambidexterous Ambidexterous
This race is naturally ambidexterous; it receives no penalty to left-hand hits. Good for guilds that use two weapons. VERY useful for Hurlers. You don't need to train the 'leftwield' skill if you have this ability.
escape death Escape Death
This race has a chance to escape death. When you die with this ability, you have a small chance (10%?) of instantly coming back to life with full hit points.
sensitive to their surroundings (clairvoyance) Sensitive to Their Surroundings
This race automatically can use the 'clairvoyance' skill. This skill shows you information about the room you're in (NPCS and their shape, no kill/skill/spell/etc, water, outdoors, etc).
can fly above water Can Fly Above Water
This race can fly above water to avoid drowning. You can fly across the ocean to other continents without drowning.
resists cursing Resists Cursing
This race has a natural resistance to the 'curse' spell. Curse turns you into a frog and greatly reduces your carrying capacity. It also changes your short description to "<name> the frog".
waterbreathing Waterbreathing
This race can breath underwater. Not super useful, but it allows you do dive underwater without drowning. Basically a permanent 'waterbreathing' spell.
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