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Telnet Clients

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Telnet Clients are what you use to connect to ZombieMUD. If you use plain-old telnet you really need to use something better. There are many alternatives that offer various features to make your mudlife easier and more enjoyable.

I'm focusing on two clients that make up the vast majority of players: zMUD and TinyFugue:

Zugg's Mud Client is a windows shareware program. It's got a $25 registration fee which is good for life (you never have to pay for updates). It has a simple interface that makes making triggers/alises/macros easy, along with support for more complex operations. I recommend zMUD to most players. You may also use an older version (3.62) for free.
TinyFugue is much more powerful than zMUD. If it had a good GUI for windows I would never mention zMUD again, but it doesn't. TF is all command-line based with no buttons, menus, or even a textbox to enter your text into. The benefits to it are much like the classic windows vs unix examples: speed, stability, and power. The other nice thing about tf is you can install it on a remote server (or your own) and save your scripts there, giving you access to them from anywhere (home/work/school/etc). Since I'm using a Mac right now, TF is the client I currently use.

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