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Outworld Map - A very nice outworld map by Dubbeltje with labels for most areas.

Area List
Area NameDirections from CSGeneral Area Info
Angarock12 n;20 nw;5 nw;valleySli good aligned mobs, 40kers, 73kers, 250kers, 400kers
Angnor13 s;11 w;10 w;12 sw;forest 
Bird Island12 n;2 ne;village;6 w;2 s;3 w;n Newbie area, but also some mobs up to 73k
Bog Imps9 w;20 sw;14 w;14 w;3 sw 
Brownie Fields19 e;2 n;field;eGood newbie area and for cash.
Brownie Tree10 s;10 e;treeNewbie area, one room with 2 aggro newbie eq mobs.
Castle Broxima16 n;gatewaySamurais. Few quests in here. Some eq. Most ppl just kill the 1st and 2nd circle samurais then leave.
Castle Concordia11 e;11 eA few 100k good mobs, lots of 250k-500k evil mobs.
Castle Greenlight10 n;20 nw;20 nw;10 w;7 nw;4 w;enterHighbie area, midbie parties
Castle Megadeath
11 n;18 neAlso known as Leper's Castle. Rings of Regen are in here, and Ball of Regen mob, couple quests, not an exp area.
Circus19 e;2 sElmo is 1m, and an expmob. Not much else in there that I know of.
City of Towanda14 n;20 w;4 w 
Corn Soldiers13 w;8 s;fields;2 eAll aggro mobs ~500k+.
Darkwater15 w;9 n;15 nw;15 w;15 n;15 nNice area for cash. 16k villagers/men/women
Druid Tower9 s;13 w;13 wMobs range from 14k to 200k. One newbie eq mob.
Dryad Village16 e;3 s;12 se;path 
Dusk's Realm9 e;5 n;pathNewbie area
Dwarf Valley9 s;7 e;valleyNewbie area, nice necro corpsing area, dwarf king quest.
Ebon Stronghold12 n;11 nw;3 e 
Elf Forest3 n;2 w;s;e;ran 
Eod's10 w;9 sw;20 w;forest;n 
Fiends19 e;2 n;field;e;s;7 e;7 s;2 dWhere Luci is. All aggro big mobs.
Fremen10 s;20 w;20 w;5 n;path;6 n;4 w;2 n;enter;portalDecent area. Desert part is a good newbie area, barracks have 73k-200k aggro's, and some eq mobs too.
Frozen Woods11 n;12 nw;20 w;10 nw;woods;2 n 
Giant Valley10 n;20 nw;5 nw;2 n;valleySli good aligned mobs, 40kers, 73kers, 250kers, 400kers
Goblin Forest9 s;3 e;path 
Hemlock Forest8 s;15 sw;15 sw;18 w;1 s 
Kevin's Watch10 s;20 w;sw;climb 
Malbeth's Temple10 s;20 w;17 w;12 n 
Minas Tirith21 e;8 s;city;gates 
Mines/Gremlins15 e;sOK newbie area, a few quests in here.
Mirror Monsters9 w;20 sw;20 w;s;4 w;3 climbAggro 14k mirror monsters. Zandaramus quest.
Moria & Orc Forest9 w;20 sw;20 w;s;4 w;trailNewbie area, lots of orcs to kill for the 100 orc quest
Neckbreaker Desert10 s;20 w;20 w;5 n;pathBig area, newbie-highbie mobs. Some eq mobs, quests, navigator subguid. Entrance to Arrakis is here.
Obizuth12 n;20 nw;14 nw;6 w;pathEQ Mob
Orodruin19 e;12 s;2 se;s;sw;se;mountain 
Purple Sauruses11 n;8 ne;pathLots of 16k mobs, 2 newbie eq mobs.
Ravenkall3 n;3 e;n;w;buy transportCantador's main city. Transport costs 1000 gold
Ravenloft10 s;w;18 s;enter mistsA bunch of 18-32k undeads. Watch out for the mists!
Recruits13 s;2 sw;inA few 4-12k recruits. 2 newbie eq mobs.
Rivendell7 e;19 s;opening;path 
Savanna12 w;13 s;20 seGood druid area. 20-200k mobs, 80-400k aggro mobs.
Sea Elf Isle14 e;7 ne;villageBig area, pearl of protection quest, a fig sub, look at the map ;)
Shalash9 w;20 sw;15 w;10 s;8 w;5 nNewbie eq mob.
Sirros10 s;20 w;20 w;18 nA few 32k mobs, 2 newbie eq mobs.
Starwind10 w;9 sw;20 w;forest;n;cave 
Swamps of Damorra9 n;3 w;20 sw;20 sw;swamps200k alligators, mushroom quest
Tower of Wizardry11 n;20 w;swWizards, mainly here for the white wizard quest.
Tyrannid Hive13 n;14 nw;hive;enterGreat paladin area, first level or two are ok for newbies.
Underworld16 s;18 sw;opening;get mushroom;eat mushroom 
Valley of Mystery15 w;10 n;10 w;4 nw;3 sw;2 eLots of 250k-1m natives.
Varalor Island9 e;16 neSome eq mobs.
Village Green14 n;2 e;villageNewbie are, also has a few orcs you can kill for the orc quest.
Village of Hor10 w;2 n;20 nw;15 w 
Wolfcity14 n;5 nw;20 w;5 nw;6 e;3 s;howl;mouth 
Zombie City Duh.
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