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So Many Changes!(kadaan)(2008-01-15)
Logged on and looked around for the first time in years this past weekend, and made 7m exp! So much has changed, and I feel so lost. The guild teleporter is gone, the tyrannid hive disappeared, there are new races, some kind of "bonding" eq, shards, free tps, and someone over 100g worth (wtf?) Planning to reinc samu/fig and poke around a bit, maybe updating the site in the process ;).
World of Warcraft(kadaan)(2005-06-05)
Yeah, I'm playing WoW right now. Horde on Hyjal. Kadaan, level 60 priest, guild: Horrific Epiphany. Stop by when you're tired of doing exp :).
chaosmud.org port 23 Tired of getting pk'd? Bored of zombie-like exp? Zombie crash for the 10th time this week? Come try out ChaosMUD! A more friendly environment, friendly and active wizards, better uptime, and the best ranger guild ever (coded by ME!).
Recent Updates
2008-01-15:Added new races to the list, data taken from CharCreator. Help files for them not added yet. (kadaan)
2004-07-03:Added directions to all primary guilds except sorc/lock/thief. (kadaan)
2004-06-23:Added a couple new quests, and added some more info to some old ones. (kadaan)
2004-06-19:Fixed a bunch of formatting errors on the quest page. (kadaan)
2004-06-19:Updated races with new race stats, let me know if there is anything I missed. (kadaan)
2004-06-02:Finished adding the quest info that was on the old site. I probably have a few emails with updated info that I'll put in later. (kadaan)
2004-05-30:Working on adding all the quest data into the database. I've got all the names and qp values, just need to input the help for them which will take quite a while : (kadaan)
2004-05-29:Re-added subguild stats to the database, (kadaan)
2004-05-29:Re-added base guild stats to the database, so the basic Guilds page works, just not the subguilds. (kadaan)
2004-05-29:Re-added race stats to the database, so the Races page works again. (kadaan)
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