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 Merrow are underwater relations of Ogres.  Faster and fiercer than their
 land kin, Merrow are greenish and scaled with webbed hands and feet.  Their
 necks are long and thick, their shoulders are sloping, and they have huge
 mouths and undershot jaws.  Merrow have black teeth and nails, and deep
 green eyes with white centers, and their hair resembles slimy seaweed.
 Some of the more powerful males have been known to grow ivory horns.
 Aquatic ogres are very fond of tattoos, and females may have their entire
 bodies inked with scenes of death and destruction as a sign of status.
 They generally dwell in caves with shallow bodies of water, often with
 Scrags (an aquatic Troll relation).  They can also live out of water, so
 they often forage on land.  In times of scarcity, or when the lure of
 treasure becomes too great, a war party will attack the coastal villages of
 man.  Merrow prefer gold and jewels, often overlooking dull magical items
 in search of glittering prices.

Strength: above average            Dexterity: good
Intelligence: low                  Wisdom: low
Constitution: above average        Size: medium
They are inferior to humans, and therefore earn more experience.
They are somewhat slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may learn to perform the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They have thick skin.
They can breath underwater.
They regenerate faster in water.
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