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 Ducks are humanoids that vaguely resemble humans in their appearance, but
 their build is lighter, their face is shaped oddly, they have beaks and
 feathers.  It has been said that they are the final stage of evolution in
 the birds.  But this is said mostly by those who think that humanoid shape
 equals intelligence.  On the ecology of ducks is said that they prefer to
 live near rivers and lakes.  They like swimming, and quite many of them feel
 adventurous.  And many of the less adventurous ducks earn their living as an
 acrobat or a clown.  There are also stories of a clan of Ducks that worship
 a demigod known as Shades.  Some say he gave these once ordinary birds the
 power they now possess!

Strength: low                      Dexterity: above average
Intelligence: very good            Wisdom: above average
Constitution: average              Size: small
They are inferior to humans, and therefore earn more experience.
They may master even the most difficult of arcane powers.
They master arcane powers easily.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They are sensitive to their surroundings.
They are too small to use two handed weapons.
They can fly above water.
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