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  \_/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__, |_|  |_|\___| 

     These independent warrior maidens, common in Norse lore, tend to 
exhibit an affinity for combat as well as other tasks. Usually 
seen at the sight of death and carnage, these virtuous females tend 
to fend for their own, and have formed various tribes to worship 
their deities. Within these tribes, a formidable fighter is made
and combat-proven. With their wits, and their powerful manuevers,
they overwhelm their opponent in many ways..
Appearing as gigantic 'human' females, with beautiful yet muscular
forms, matching them exactly except for size and powerful dispositions,
these enchanted females catch many an eye with their passion for 
fighting, as well as their natural assets. Though one does have to 
worry, for these amazons tend to have a strong hatred towards the 
opposite sex, namely males, and have a tendency to try to deal them
some extreme bodily harm..

Strength: average                  Dexterity: very good
Intelligence: average              Wisdom: above average
Constitution: average              Size: large
They are superior to humans, and therefore earn less experience.
They can see magical auras.
They are sensitive to their surroundings.
They can use two handed weapons in one hand.
They become weaker when male or neuter.
They can fly above water.
They are naturally ambidexterous.
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