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There are currently 16 primary guilds on Zombie. Each one will provide a different playing experience. Don't worry too much about your guild when you first start playing, since once you hit level 11 you are able to reincarnate to choose a new race and guild while keeping most of the experience you've gained. (Read the Newbie Guide to Death to learn more about reincarnating).

Not every guild is suitable for a newbie. Below are three ways to start your life on Zombie.

Mage is the generic newbie guild. The majority of current players started out as a mage, or were a mage sometime in their first 45 levels. Mages get to summon a familiar to take damage for them. When the familiar dies, they can just summon a new one. This way they don't have to worry about healing themselves. Mages also can do more damage than most guilds as a newbie. Start out with magic missile, which will kill monsters in the newbie area in 1 hit. Later on you can get power blast, which is the most powerful mage attack spell.
Necromancers are the second most recommended guild. You can summon a servant who acts like another player, leveling up and training skills. He can be one of many different guilds (monk and mage being the most popular). Necros also get magic missile to attack with, but if your servant dies you can't just summon a new one. Read the nec_servants file to find out more about servants. To keep your servant alive, be sure to train undead healing to heal him. At higher levels (30-35) you can create a flesh golem.
Rangers are my favorite guild, and also my recommendation to newbies. All you need to start out is summon wild cat, beast speech, and kick. Cast summon wild cat to get a cat to follow you around and help you kill things, use beast speech to talk to it, and use kick in combat. You won't kill things as fast or as big as mages and necromancers, but you never have to sit and regen sps. Once you've leveled a few times, switch to using bladed fury with a dagger/sword/axe/polearm.
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