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The most dangerous aspect of Zombie isn't monsters, it's players. Monsters won't get mad at you and kill you every time you log on. If you get a player upset enough, they just might do that. Here are some basic rules to surviving in Zombie.
    General Rules
  2. Never ask for direction on a channel besides newbie (and then don't trust it very far).
  3. Always read help files and try to figure something out BEFORE asking another player.
  4. Always say please when asking for anything.
  5. Always say sorry when you do something wrong, no matter how minor, and even if you think it's not your fault.
  6. Always say thank you when someone does something for you.
  7. Don't ask to be dragged, don't ask for money.
  8. Never insult someone a higher level than you are.
  9. Don't ask high level players to party. If they want you, they'll ask you. Ask people around the same level as you.
  10. Players higher level than you ARE smarter, no matter what you may think.
    Channel Rules
  1. Obviously, don't spam.
  2. Don't use all caps.
  3. You don't have to address people. ie: Stupidplayer [mud]: kadaan: laf!
  4. Excessive use of abbreviations are annoying. ie: Stupidplayer [mud]: n e 1 here? LOL! ROFL!
  5. If someone tells you shut up, do it.
    Sales Rules
  1. 10k is the minimum bank transfer, so don't try selling things worth less than 10k.
  2. Players under level 40 are very likely to cheat you out of eq.
  3. If you look at an eq page, and there's some nice eq you want, it's probably too expensive for you.
  4. Don't ask on sales for those eqs in rule #3.
  5. If you're selling/asking on sales, don't spam. Type 'last sales' and if your message is still there, don't say it again.
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