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Event Info
|                         Rules for Capture the Flag!                        |
|                                                                            |
|    Players must sign up prior to the game's start.  Each player will get   |
| one pair of CTF glasses, and one flag.  The flag must then be 'plant'ed    |
| somewhere in a teleportable, non-outworld room (areas are fine however).   |
|                                                                            |
|    Once you plant your flag, you will not be able to move it.  When the    |
| game begins, players must then find and 'pull' opponent's flags from the   |
| ground and plant them elsewhere.  You loose one point everytime one of     |
| your flags is pulled from the ground, and gain one point everytime you     |
| plant a flag in the ground.                                                |
|                                                                            |
|    The player with the most points at the game's conclusion is declared    |
| the winner and is given a special prize.                                   |
|                                                                            |

You get around 45 minutes to do searching/hiding. You can use the 'scry' command on the glasses to see the long desc of the room where a flag is. You can 'scry <player>'s flag' to see a specific flag. The event is generally difficult, as high level players hide their flags in rooms with very non-helpful descs. Newbies tend to simply place it anywhere and get them pulled quickly. I find this event to be rather boring, and after the first 5-10 minutes you can usually tell who the winner is going to be.
Zombie Messages
- Event start:
CTF Captain shouts 'Time for some good old fashioned Capture the Flag!'
CTF Captain shouts 'Meet me at the Adventurer's Guild for some CTF.'

- Booth:
A large booth with a little gnome sitting inside.  The gnome is waving
a bunch of greenish flags around with ruthless abandon.  As he sees you
looking inside he hollars out to you "just type 'join' to join in the
fun!  You can also type 'rules' to see the rules!  Come play!"

- Glasses:
A set of Capture the Flag spectacles.  They will probably keep your
eyes from being harmed during the game.  A wide variety of commands
can be used with these specs.  They are:

  view    - View the scores of the game/who is playing.
  recalc  - Recalucate the scores incase of a bug or such.
            Recalc will also check for bugging flags.
  flagon  - Enable flag reporting, by default this will be on.
  flagoff - Disable flag reporting messages (scries/tells/etc)
  ctf     - Will send a message over the CTF channel
  scry    - "scry flag" = scries a random flag
            "scry 's flag" = scries one of 's flags.

It would cover your glasses.

- Event end:
--> [CTF]: The Capture the Flag game has ended!
The Winner this time was none other than: Guthalak.

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