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Death is something we'd all rather not have to deal with, but it will come sooner or later in your MUD career, most probably sooner. When you die you have three options:

This is the most common way to get back to life. It involves getting a cleric to cast the spell 'resurrect' on you. You lose an amount of exp determined by how much exp you had on you when you died. You usually lose 50% of your unspent exp, but there is a minimum loss dertermined by your total worth, so it is possible to be in negative exp.
When you reinc, you start over at level 1. You get to choose a new race and guild. You start with as much exp as you were worth before you died minus 1%-10%, depending on when the last time you reinced was. The reinc tax goes down about 1% each week until it gets to 1%. To find out approximately how much you will lose, ask a cleric to cast 'estimate worth' on you.
This is the only way to get back to life that doesn't require a cleric. You go to the church (3 n;4 w;enter) and just type "pray". Unfortunately you also loose the most exp this way; about 75% of your unspent exp. Also if you have lots of scars you may lose a level!!!

When you are dead, the commands that you are able to use are at a minimum. The only things that can do is walk around, look, send to channels, and whisper. Whisper is like a tell, but you have to be in the same room as your target. The most common thing to do when you die is to go to the tinkers (e;s) and type 'mud ress at tinkers'. You can see what clerics are online and not idle by typing 'who cleric unidle'. If you don't know how to get back to town, ask for a summon and ress, or a reloc and ress. If you are summoned, you will see '<player> threw an ethereal vine'. You then type 'pull vine' and you will be transported to that player.

When you are brought back to life, you will only have 10hp, so it's a good idea to be in a safe place. Another thing you will notice is that your prompt is gone. This is no problem, just type 'prompt old' to restore your prompt.

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