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Before you buy a chest, you need a room in a castle to keep it in. When buying a room from another player, be sure to ask them what kinds of guards they have. The better their guards, the safer your eq will be. Cheap rooms will cost you about 100-200k, and rooms in strong castles will run over a meg. Chests cost 200k in the castle shop, which is located 11 e;3 s;4 e;n from CS. If you're lucky, you might be able to find one for 150k on the sales chan, or even 100k if someone is in desperate need of money. To do anything with your chest, it must be set on the ground. Preferrably in your castle room, because if the chest is open, anyone can take it. The first thing you want to do with your chest is to put a combination on it. This is done with "setkey chest 1 to <###>". Then you want to label your chest. This is done with "label chest 1 <Chest Label>". You shouldn't have more than two chests in each room, I've been told that sometimes it can bug when there is more than two chests in a room at boot. More often than not, the person you bought your room from will sell you another room for a reduced rate, if not, try to sell some of your unused eq :). Each chest can hold up to ten items, if you put more than that amount in, when the chest is closed any items exceeding ten will just be thrown out. Size doesn't matter, you can have 10 breastplates or ten rings for the same result. Some items are not chestable. Charged staves/wands, food items, corpses, and locked boxes are a few non-chestable items.

Before you buy a castle, make sure you have plenty of money. You need at least a meg to get started and at least 80m to have a castle even remotely safe, which is why very few people live alone. The first thing to do is pick a slot for your castle. The castle area is just a large grid, with slots referred to with their x and y coordinates. You need to wander the castle area and look for an epmty slot. To see what coordinates you are at, "la sign". When you find a slot that you like, write down the coordinates and return to the entrance of the castle area. To buy that slot, type "buy slot <xcoord ycoord>". Then buy a castle at that slot with "buy castle <xcoord ycoord>". Now you have a slot with a castle on it. It comes with the entry room, and nothing else. To buy rooms, type "buy room <xcoord ycoord>". Notice that each room gets more expensive. All you need now is guards for your castle. These are available in the castle shop for 15k each for lvl1 figs. Now off to set up your castle. The available castle commands are listed below.

Available castle commands:

    castle exit <dir> <room num>
    castle remove exit <dir>
    castle remove heads
    castle long
    castle short <short description>
    castle goto <room num>
    castle help (gives this text, works for everyone)
    castle rooms (gives info about rooms, exits and
                  their saving ability.)
    castle check (checks through the castle for possible
                  unsaved chests. This command works for
                  everyone. Use this to ensure that your chests
                  are saving.)
    castle allow_start <name> (lets someone to set starting location
                               in your castle.)
    castle figstat (shows info about your figurines.)
Experiment around with the castle to give it the look and feel that you want. If you plan on selling rooms, a good thing to try to do is make two areas in your castle, your area and an area to sell rooms in. Make your main guards guard both areas, but have one or two high level guards block the entrance to your side. Make sure that they are not aggro, you wouldn't want your castle's other residents to die from going into a wrong room.

Guards (Figurines)
Figs are the only way to keep people out of your castle and prevent thieves from stealing stuff out of your chests. Guards are the most expensive part of your castle, and the most important. Below are the commands you can use with your figurines.

command: fig

  arguments:  short     - set short description
              long      - set long description
              name      - set name if
              level     - buy a level
              block     - set block direction
              aggr      - set aggressive mode on/off
              friend    - set friendly players
              stat      - show setup
To turn your figurine into a guard, type "transform figure". And likewise, to change the guard back into a figurine; "transform guard". Below I have listed the costs of leveling your figs.
Level #:  Cost     Total cost
  Fig       15000    15000 
  Level 1:  1,000    16,000
  Level 2:  1,333    17,333
  Level 3:  1,777    19,110
  Level 4:  2,369    21,479
  Level 5:  3,158    24,637
  Level 6:  4,210    28,847
  Level 7:  5,613    34,460
  Level 8:  7,484    41,944
  Level 9:  9,978    51,922
  Level 10: 13,304   65,226
  Level 11: 17,738   92,964
  Level 12: 23,650   106,614
  Level 13: 31,533   138,147
  Level 14: 42,044   180,191
  Level 15: 56,058   236,249
  Level 16: 74,744   310,993
  Level 17: 99,658   410,651
  Level 18: 132,877  543,528
  Level 19: 177,169  720,697
  Level 20: 236,225  956,922
  Level 21: 314,966  1,271,888
  Level 22: 419,954  1,691,842
  Level 23: 559,938  2,251,780
  Level 24: 746,584  2,998,364
  Level 25: 995,445  3,993,809
(Thanks to Tiffany for some of the Fig Cost info)

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