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Kreator says 'Please stay silent during the ceremony. If you want to talk, 
go away from my chapel.

Kreator says 'We have gathered here to testify as these two 
people are sailing into the protective harbor of marriage. 
The marriage is meant to last forever, until the final reboot comes.
(or at least till I get paid for this, you hear Kreator murmur under his 
breath). He continues 'Thus, under the face
of the almighty Leper, do you, Kadaan wish to take this Setsuna as your
wedded wife and love her in battle and in peace?

Kadaan says with weak voice 'I do'
Kreator continues 'Do you, Setsuna wish to take this Kadaan as your
wedded husband and love him in battle and in peace?'

Setsuna says with equally low voice 'I do' and blushes.
Kreator hands out a golden ring to each of the couple and 
booms over the audience 'I now pronounce you 'man and wife'.
What the God has joined, should no man separate.
You may now kiss the bride.
You kiss Setsuna.
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