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Myria [oit]: My parents are in the spa.
Xri [oit]: eh?
Jory [oit]: i wont tell you what my parents are doing right now.
Myria [oit]: That bad?
Jory [oit]: i can hear them.
Xri [oit]: moonshine cost 1000 gold right?
Myria [oit]: I'm sorry. That's when you go in and ask them to quiet down. It really
  embarrasses them that they either stop or quiet down.
Jory [oit]: i've tried it before
Jory [oit]: i just yell at them
Myria [oit]: Oh. Hmmmm.
Jory [oit]: and i tell my step-mother to stop sweaking like a mouse.  She shuts up
  real quick.
Xri [oit]: rofl... that's fucking funny
Myria [oit]: Yes! Why don't you go do that...hearing it is so gross.
Xri [oit]: i've never heard of a woman that squeaks like a mouse :P
Jory [oit]: and my father....well...i just tell him that children shouldn't have
  to hear their siblings being created.  He tries to argue, but he can't.
Myria [oit]: cool
Xri [oit]: i haven't had to deal with hearing my parents EVER... thank god
Myria [oit]: You're very lucky.
Xri [oit]: does she really squeak like a mouse?
Jory [oit]: first couple times its disgusting.....then you get used to it real
Jory [oit]: yeah, and its in the same rhythm of the headrest on the bed hitting
  the wall.
Jory [oit]: and its not the bed squeakin.....its obvious ;)
Myria [oit]: At least my parents don't have a headboard. My mom's just fuckin loud.
Xri [oit]: i swear that's gotta be the funniest fuckin sex noise ever...
Jory [oit]: and once, i heard the most disgusting thing outta my father's mouth.
  I walked in an hour early from work, and i hear him yell "who's your daddy"  and
  i walked back out.
Jory [oit]: thats when i talked to them and drew the line.
Myria [oit]: Yeah, that's a bit much.
Xri [oit]: rofl
Xri [oit]: i woulda shouted hey bitch... he ain't your daddy.. he's mine ;)
Myria [oit]: That whole, "Who's your daddy" thing is SO disgusting.
Jory [oit]: hehe
Jory [oit]: trust me....i was disgusted.
Xri [oit]: i'm sorry... but this is funny shit... i think i'm gonna log this and
  paste it to a web site :)
Jory [oit]: and the worst thing is, i am 18, i have a 20 year old bro, and my
  stepmother is 24 :P
Myria [oit]: Oh my god...
Xri [oit]: woah... your dad is the fucking man
Jory [oit]: and she's a milf.
Xri [oit]: rofl
Jory [oit]: i wouldn't, but everyone tells me that.
Alterac [oit]: fuck
Xri [oit]: milf... mom i'd like to fuck rofl
Xri [oit]: you got problems if you wanna fuck your stepmom
Alterac [oit]: lucky bastard... incest is the BEST put your mother to the test!!!
Myria [oit]: laf
Xri [oit]: rofl
Xri [oit]: i'm gonna lose my job from laughing to loud :P
Jory [oit]: washboard stomach, master's degree, brings over all her little friends
  (i love that)
Alterac [oit]: hehe
Alterac [oit]: sick fuck
Xri [oit]: omg... i wanna meet your mom dude
Alterac [oit]: OFF the CHANNLE NOW
Jory [oit]: hehe
Alterac [oit]: hehe
Jory [oit]: why am i a sick fuck?
Alterac [oit]: just playin
Frogbert [oit]: LOL, I'm fucking loggin this shit
Jory [oit]: cause she brings over 10 20-24 year old girls, and i try to get laid? ;)
Myria [oit]: hehehe
Alterac [oit]: hehe
Myria [oit]: I think I'm the only girl on this channel.
Alterac [oit]: hi friends.. wanna have sex with my step son?
Jory [oit]: hehe
Jory [oit]: they do have tickle fights...but i've never seen anything more than
  that.  *sigh*
Myria [oit]: I don't think I'd like to see that...that'd be so gross.
Xri [oit]: omg.. frog send me the log of this conversation
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