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Newbie Guide
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| KEY:                                                                        |
|Area Name [Directions to area][Coder]                                        |
|Exp value: Name of Monster [Monster info. Aggresive, spells, align, etc]     |
|             EQ the monster has. (price it sells for in shop)                |
Angarock [10 n;20 nw;5 nw;2 n;valley]
   49737: A strong looking giant recruit [Good]
            Shield: Thick wooden shield. (200)
            Feet: Ugly Giant boots (smelling). (200)
   88300: Muscular Giant Recruit [Good][Kick, Strike]
            Torso: Giants breastplate. (700)
   88300: Strong looking outer valley Giant [Good][Kick]
            Torso: Giants breastplate.
  255667: A hairy, strong looking elite Giant warrior [Good][Kick, Strike]
            Wielded in right hand: A Lochaber (2h). (1500)
            Wielded in left hand: A huge giant sword (2h). (1200)
            Legs: Giant leather pants. (200)
  395175: Blue wearing Giant warrior [Slightly Good][Kick, Strike]
            Torso: Battlemail of the Giant Army (glowing). (2000) [+2con/dex]
            Wielded in right hand: A shimmering Halberd (2h). (2000)
            Legs: Giant leather pants. (200)
  860865: All black Giant Fighter
            Cloak: A multicolored cloak.
            Torso: Elite Platemail of Angarock.
            Wielded in right hand: A shimmering Halberd (2h). (2000)
            Wielded in left hand: A shimmering Halberd (2h). (2000)
            Legs: Giant leather pants. (200)
        : Giant with orange colored weapons [aggr]
        : The Icedragon 'Kel'ba'rash'
        : A female giant warrior of Angarock
 3031095: Karbitsch the Hobbit, Herald of Shakadoom
            Legs: Karbitsch's pants of Quickness.
            Feet: Speed shoes of Karbitsch.
        : Shaikuub, Grandwarriorlord of Angarock! [aggr]
            Wielded in right hand: Black axe named 'Deathstorm' (2h).
            Wielded in left hand: The Executioner (2h)
 2723748: Shakadoom, undefeated leader of the Angarock Giants! [aggr]
            Held: Circle of Giant Strength
            Shield: Zirconion, Shield of Ultimate Defense,
            Wielded in right hand: An adamant maul called 'Skullsmasher' (2h)
            Belt: Angarock Loinbelt
            The lower half of an ancient looking seal
        : Brafasta, healer and shaman of the Angarock Giant clan! [aggr]
  828195: Ninjitsa Djinni [aggr]
            Wielded in right hand: Ninjitsa claws (2h)
        : Deschoga the Djinni, Unholy Master of the Assassins
            Head: The Bonemask of Disappearence.
            Hands: Gaseous Gloves.
            Wielded in right hand: Claws of Assassination (2h)

   13313: A giant spider is here, avenging the death of its master. [aggr]
   16041: A forest goblin is here, ambushing you. [aggr]
            Wielded in right hand: A feathered tomahawk (1h)
   32018: A forest goblin spider-rider is here, going berserk. [aggr]
            Wielded in right hand: A feathered tomahawk (1h)
   88300: A pine tree, animated by the druids of the trees. [aggr]
   88300: A holly treant, guarding the forest from intruders. [aggr]
   88300: A fir treant, avenging the death of the forest. [aggr]
  195079: A huge forest boar, foaming at the mouth. [aggr]
            Wielded in both hands: A huge boar tusk (2h)

Arrakis [10 s;20 w;20 w;5 n;path;4 n;8 w;n;enter;portal]
    4979: A small desert animal
    4319: A small desert wormget
   13313: A old fremen woman
   17964: A fremen soldier
   30467: A fremen soldier
   32018: Fremen guard, LOW security [heals]
            Wielded in both hands: Short desert sword (2h). (800)
   35639: A fremen hunter
  73549-216450: Fedaykin soldier of Arrakis army [aggr][heals][curse][magic missile]
            Torso, Chest and Neck: Arrakis army battlesuit. (1100)
            Wielded in both hands: Arrakis army battlespear (2h). (700)
        : Undarius, Captain fedaykin [aggr]
 2055888: Stilgar, The Chief Officer of Muad'dib fedaykins

Brownie Field (Forest of Enfall) [19 e;2 n;field]
   16041-18836: [magic missile]
          Formis the brownie
          Gorath the brownie
          Nipper the brownie
          Tesla the brownie
          Umbriel the brownie
          Vimp the brownie
        : A small rainbow trout [Neutral]
   14004: A stag deer
   18352: A gnome
   39586: Frank the Brownie
            Feet: Blue and red wooden shoes (glowing).
  195079: Minda the elf
  626442: A stone golem standing on his pedistal
        : A fire golem standing on his pedistal
        : An ice golem standing on his pedistal
        : A sulfurous golem standing on his pedistal
        : A skeleton warrior (undead) [aggr]
 3271504: A Guardian of Lucifer standing here attacking you. (undead)
 3254005: Lucifer's druggist stands here getting high on opium.
             Wielded in right hand: Onyx hatchet (1h).
             Right finger: Emerald ring.
 3219159: A Lawyer for Lucifer stands here writing laws. (undead)

Brownie Tree [10 s;10 e;tree;enter]
   13313: A brownie guarding the entrance. [Good]
   13313: A brownie guarding the king. [Good]
   18836: A demonic killer mole.
   73549: A demonic killer mole Lord.
   73549: Derosit the old, wise Elder
  216450: Magasa the brownie Mage.
            Head: Hood of Despair.
  255667: Talathini the brownie King. [golden arrow]
            Legs: Pants of Doom.
        : A possessive Ghost is haunting here. (undead) [hits 9x]

Cantador Prison
 3545-44844: An old dirty prisoner
 5532-39586: A skinny prisoner
 6037-39586: A small prisoner
 3545-49737: A prisoner
        : Abagod the torturer
        : A strong JailKeeper
        : The Warden KaziRak

Cantador Spider Area
 14622-44844: Brown Recluse
 18836-195079: A bloody wolf spider
        : A long legged spider is here working
        : Black Widow
        : A massive black Tarantula
            Held: Blood red eye of the Widow Spider (glowing).

Castle Broxima [16 n;gateway]
   13383: 1st circle Samurai defends the castle [Neutral]
   44844: 2nd circle Samurai just train martial arts [Neutral]
  116781: 3rd circle Samurai stands here and studies some spells
            Head: A Samurai's Battlemask.
            Torso: A Samurai's Battlearmour.
            Wielded in right hand: A long Katana of Samurai (1h).
            Belt: 3rd circle Belt.
  398453: The Beholder
  660423: Old Samurai Kurgan is here to teleport samurais in the adventure
 2054857: 4th circle samurai Gordo sneaks around and looks for intruder
 3004820: Ling Tao the Shogun of the samurais meditates here
        : Tokugawa, the GuildMaster
            Watch: A golden rolex.

Castle Concordia [11 e;11 e]
        : A rat
   16041: A lovely maid
   32018: A yeti chef looking for his rolling pin
  116781: A treant Gatekeeper [barkskin]
  116781: A squire is here polishing a sword [magic missile][Slightly Good]
  116781: A young squire is polishing some armour [magic missile][Slightly Good]
  116781: A young squire running errands for his knight [magic missile][Slightly Good]
  116781: A squire looking for his knight [magic missile][Slightly Good]
  273741: A court jester [firebolt, icebolt, acid arrow, meteor blast][Neutral]
  255667: An orc guard [firebolt||icebolt||acid arrow||meteor blast][Slightly Evil]
            Wielded in right hand: A sharp looking guardsword (1h). (2000)
  398453: A drow bounty hunter [firebolt, icebolt, acid arrow, meteor blast]
  398453: A monk praying
           Cloak: Monks cloak.
           Wielded in right hand: A short polearm (1h). (1000)
  828195: Arthur, Captain of the Guards
           Wielded in right hand: A coal black club (1h).
           Feet: Boots of Fire.
  828195: Helix the Wizard [aggr]
           Held: Staff of Wisdom
 1171809: Queen Hellen of Concordia
 1355964: Princess Jessica
 2054857: King Andrew of Concordia
 2433701: Dragon Lord
        : Lord James
        : Lord Lexis
        : Lord Carl
        : Prince Jeremy
           Wielded in right hand: A thorn studded bullwhip (1h).
           Belt: A black leather belt.
        : Gorozad the orc mauler
           Wielded in right hand: A copper maul (1h).
           Legs: A sturdy pair of copper leggings.
        : Lomit the orc mauler
           Torso: Copper armour.
           Wielded in right hand: A copper maul (1h).

Castle Greenlight [10 n;20 nw;20 nw;10 w;7 nw;4 w;enter]
 1060584: A guarding skeleton (undead)
 1060584-2075040: A Guardian of Castle Greenlight (undead)

Castle Vargan
   17577: Old Fat Cleaner [Neutral][Silvain]
            Wielded in right hand: Old broom (1h).
   39586: Kender Lookout [Good][Xellios]
   35500: Castle Servant [Good][Xellios]
        : Lord Vargan sits here alone [Slightly Good][Silvain]
            Head: Cursed Crown.
            Held: Royal Sceptre (glowing).

Circus [19 e;2 s;circus]
        : An acrobat standing on his hands
        : The Ticket Salesman
  116781: Lulu the Bearded Lady [sex change]
        : Jack the Human Cannonball
 1060584: Elmo the Circus Strongman

Chaos Dwarf Fortress

Corn Fields [13 w;8 s;fields;2 e][Hair]
 1278199: Invisible force [aggr]
 1310727: Huge alien tentacle rising out of the mud [aggr]

Darkwater [15 w;9 n;15 nw;15 w;15 n;enter]
   13313: A small lizard hiding in the bushes
   16041: An old woman walking around the park
   17102: An old man walking around the park
   17102: A villager walking around
   17102: A gardener sitting in the shadow
   17102: A female darkwater townperson with a pladded skirt
            Torso: A cute looking skirt with plads.
   17102: A huge vulture
   18836: A male darkwater townperson
   18836: A floating shadow in the air
   18836: A longhorned antelope
   32018: A huge buffalo
   32018: A huge rhinoceros
   32018: A dirty youngster acting cool
   73549: A man gone insane running around

Death Knight Fortress [3 n;2 w;s;e;kni;stairs;d]
  780273: Calei the ghost, one of the death knights (undead)
 1339158: A lancer of the second circle, Dorukai the ghoul (undead)
 1347402: A lancer of the first circle, Gorudan the banshee (undead)
 2054857: A respected elder of the death knights, Tarum the revenant (undead)

Druid Tower
   38984: Pegasus guarding the tower
   39586: Nymph laying sexily on steps
   44844: Djinni is hovering in the air
   73549: Black dragon laying on floor
   73549: Lurker hiding in the ceiling
  116781: Basilisk of the old ages
  195079: Druid of magic is chanting here
  273741: Master of druids
            Amulet: Orb of summoning (glowing).
 2347371: Orcus, The Prince of the undead (death black aura)
            Shield: A black shield (glowing).
            Wielded in right hand: Staff of Orcus (1h) <*glowing*>.

Dryad Village
   18836: Dryad training against his partner
   18836: Dryad training his archery skills
   32018: A dryad guard staring at you [Neutral][Silvain]
  828195: Baalzedub Asmoder the old hobgoblin hermit
            Cloak: Dirty cloak
            A rusty metal key 
 1060584: A hobgoblin chief
            Wielded in right hand: Hobgoblin mace (1h)
            The head of the hobgoblin chief
        : Giant maid laying sexily on the bed
        : Harold the fallen titan, lost in his thoughts
            Arms: Arm protectors.
            Shield: Tower shield.
            Wielded in right hand: A great hammer of war called 'Ravager' (2h).
            Feet: Brown leather boots.
        : An ettin guard standing here
        : A dryad standing in front of her child
        : A dryad glaring warily at you
        : A dryad child hiding from you
        : A dryad standing in front of her child
        : A young dryad child
        : A hobgoblin planning to raid the dryad village
        : Dryad chief in his thoughts
        : Ettin soldier guarding the cavern
        : Rotworm eating trash

Ebon Stronghold
        : Guard trainee
        : Guard trainer
            Shield: Ebon shield.
            Wielded in right hand: Ebon sword (1h).
        : Gate guard
  216450: Initiate of the Ebon Hand
            Shield: Ebon shield.
            Wielded in right hand: Ebon sword (1h).
  660423: The Witch
            A iron key
 1912835: The Keyholder [acid-least phys-most]
            A Golden key.
 2433701: Elite fighter of Ebon Hand
            Shield: Ebon shield.
            Wielded in right hand: Ebon sword (1h).
        : Ebon Praetor [Demonic]
            Belt: Shimmering mithril belt (glowing).
            Feet: Boots of Praetor (glowing).

Eod's Area [10 w;9 sw;20 w;forest;n][Eod]
   49737: A 1st order priest of Starwind
  195079: Talanoa the Demon servant of Starwind.
  216450: A 2nd order priest of Starwind
  398453: A 3rd order priest of Starwind
  425805: A Guard of Starwind
  828195: A Guard of Starwind
 2854077: Starwind dressed in black robes

Fenrus Area
   16041: A green vine
  195079: A huge vine

Frozen Woods [11 n;12 nw;20 w;10 nw;woods;2 n][Graerth]
   42239: A ghoul is eating the corpses
   57330: A bloated zombie is lurching around here.
  116781: An undead cleric wanders through this place (undead)
  330593: A daemon sentinel stands here guarding [Neutral]
            Wielded in both hands: A black Hellspear (2h). (2000)
 1042435: A drooling zombie (undead)
 1369373: A slimy lurker looms in the shadows
        : A slighly rotting undead teacher lurches here. (undead)
        : A horrible root creature is growing from the wall
        : A degenerated cooker stands here, stirring a pot
        : A foul wraith floats in the air here

Giant Valley (See Angarock)

Greyhawk [15 w;sw;w;nw;n;enter]
 13313-18836: A large brown Llama. [Neutral]
 14622-18836: A large brown and white cow. [Neutral]
   16208: Orc guard on patrol
   17187: Glacon, the miniature frost giant. [Neutral][Xellios]
            Wielded in right hand: Huge Spiked Club (1h).
   17187: Jethro, the miniature hill giant. [Neutral][Xellios]
            Wielded in right hand: Huge Spiked Club (1h).
   17187: Arghh, the miniature fire giant. [Neutral][Xellios]
            Wielded in right hand: Huge Spiked Club (1h).
   17187: Rocky, the miniature stone giant. [Neutral][Xellios]
            Wielded in right hand: Huge Spiked Club (1h).
 16041-32018: A large dark grey porpoise. [Neutral][faithless heathen]
 17102-32018: A dread Minitaur
 17102-32018: A short, hairy, ugly goblin [Evil]
   17102: A bugbear guarding the nusery
   18836: A Uniduck [Good][faithless heathen]
   18836: An eye of the shallows. [Neutral][Kirvana]
   32018: A giant Cretin...like an Ettin but not as smart [Slightly Evil]
   32018: Yekki the bugbear nanny.
   36820: Flesh golem. *rotting* *undead* *yuck*
   47292: Zando the magician
   73549: Gunter, leader of the ragtag fugitive goblins [Neutral]
  116781: Giant Ice Toad
   16208: Orc guard on patrol [Slightly Evil]                                     
            Torso: Battered breastplate. (1000)                                            
            Wielded in both hands: Iron longsword (2h). (750)                              
   44844: A large ogre guard resting here [Slightly Evil]                         
  216450: Scrud, ogre guard and work supervisor [Evil]                           
            Wielded in right hand: Carpenter's hammer (1h) (2000)                          
    1107: Culum McCreedy [Neutral]                                                 
   13313: A bugbear trying to get some rest [Slightly Evil]                       
    3545: A bugbear baby is crawling here [Neutral]                                
   13313: Female bugbear making dessert [Neutral]                                 
   44844: A large orc guard cleaning the room [Slightly Evil]                     
   18836: Garcan the bugbear cook [Evil]                                          
            Wielded in right hand: Garcan's spoon (1h) (1000)                              
   18836: Carrion Crawler [Neutral]                                               
  116781: Giant Ice Toad [Slightly Evil]                                         
   36820: Flesh golem. *rotting* *undead* *yuck* [Neutral]
  690472: A homicidal Troll

        : Papa Brown Bear
        : Mama Brown Bear
        : Baby Brown Bear
        : Mallard Duck
        : Water Snake
        : Swamp Dragon
        : Loud Frog
        : Annoying Mosquito
        : Blue Egrett
        : A Dragon Fly
        : Majestic Moose
        : Beautiful Doe
        : Handsome Deer
   73549: Red Dire Wolf

Hidden Path
   73549: A big Demon with wings
        : A guardian Angel
   73549: A red eyed Demon
   13313: Henry the Dwarf
            Torso: A bloody leather jacket.
            Wielded in right hand: short axe (1h).

Kevin's Watch [10 s;20 w;sw;climb]
   18836: Stonedowner of Mithil Stonedown [Good]
            Torso: Stonedowner Tunic. (400)
  425805: Trell, stonedowner of Mithil Stonedown [Good]
            Torso: Stonedowner Tunic.
            Held: Orcrest. (150)
        : A Kresh is here, hunting for food [Evil]
        : Atiaran Trell-Mate, Stonedowner of Mithil Stonedown
 Plains of Ra [ride horse to plains]
    1107: A Ranyhyn, Horse of the plains
        Woodhelvenin [ride horse to woodhelven]
   17102: A Woodhelvennin of Soaring Woodhelven [Good]
            Torso: Woodhelven Tunic. (350)
   32018: Ramen of the Plains of Ra [Good]
            Wielded in both hands: Ramen's Cord (2h). (150)
  398453: Baradakas, Hirebrand of Soaring Woodhelven
            Relic: The High Wood, 'Lomillialor'.
 Seareach [ride horse to seareach]
   73549: A Giant here harvesting wheat [Good]
 Mount Thunder [ride horse to thunder]
   35500: Cavewight of Mount Thunder [Evil]
            Wielded in right hand: stone club (1h). (150)
        : An Ur-Vile [aggr]
        : A Kresh is here, hunting for food [Evil]
 Revelstone [ride horse to revelstone]
   18836: An Eoman of the Warward [Slightly Good]
            Torso: Warward Breastplate.  (750)
            Wielded in right hand: Eoman's Short Sword (1h). (400)
        : A Bloodguard stands here motionless [Very Good]

Leper's Castle [11 n;18 ne;castle][Leper]
    2418: A small rat
    3054: A normal sized rat
    3545: A large rat
   13313: Tiny spider
            A shiny little pearl
  104613: A nasty ghoul
  273741: Zombie butler is rotting here (undead)
            A steel key
  447738: A knight wageing war
  660423: A maniac is drooling in the darkness
            Wielded in right hand: A heavy metal chain (1h) (glowing).
            A little magically glowing stone
 2156365: Large skeleton (undead)
            Held: Slimy human skull

Malbeth's Temple
        : A peasant girl stands here dreaming of the outside world
        : A peasant girl is standing here dreaming of Malbeth
   39586: One of Malbeth's Temple Guards
   39586: A young battle enraged squire attacks a dummy
   49737: A peasant baths in the fountain's pure water.
   49737: A peasant is here gathering water
  222842: Sir Garthwan the Paladin Knight guarding the stairs
            Wielded in right hand: A slender white sword (1h). (2000)
  398453: Temple's High Enchantress Sandra
            Torso: A White Robe of High Enchantress. (1000)
            Feet: A pair of brown leather sandals. (500)
  398453: Temple's High Entrantress Dandra
            Torso: A White Robe of High Enchantress. (1000)
            Feet: A pair of brown leather sandals. (500)
        : Cynara the High Priestess is studying a spellbook
            Right finger: A silver band.
        : Dvork, the holy paladin
            Shield: A dark shimmering shield..
        : Temple High Guard is standing here keeping watch

Mines [15 e;S;enter]
   13313: Gremlin Bitch
   30467: Gremlin Warrior
   73549: Small Slimy Creature
  660423: Huge Slimy Creature

Mirror Maze [9 w;20 sw;20 w;s;4 w;3 climb]
    3054: Zandaramas' UNDEAD Minion (undead)
   13313: Mirror Monster
  192923: Zandaramas the Lich Archmage (undead)
            Torso: Robes of the ArchMage. (75)

Monk Guild [3 n;2 w;s;e;mon]
    3509: Monk of the White Circle
   13313: Monk of the Yellow Circle
   32483: Monk of the Green Circle
   45583: Monk of the Blue Circle
  205760: Monk of the Red Circle
 1153990: Monk of the Purple Circle

Neckbreaker Desert [10 s;20 w;20 w;5 n;path]
 Entrance to Arrakis is in here.
   17102: An angry thief [aggr]
   30312-41887: A desert raider is here to waylay you
   73549: Runaway camel is here looking lost
  398453: A Drow palace guard stands fast
  425805: A Korred palace guard keeps an eye on you
  660423: A Minotaur palace guard keeps an eye on you
  918821: Jaga-Syn the battlemage is here cackling loudly
 1060584: Kiord the thief-fighter. Master of Keymaking
 2054857: Kalak the adventuring psionicist

    3545: A slave chained to the wall [Neutral]
   13313: A ghoul wailing in the air (undead)
   13313: A slimy tentacle rising out of the water
   16996: A small scouting orc
            Head: A black helmet. (500)
            Wielded in right hand: A small orc sword (1h). (700)
   17102: A mist cloud wrapping around you [Neutral]
   29536: A big orc with a huge sword
            Head: A black helmet. (500)
            Wielded in right hand: A brutal looking orc sword (1h). (1000)
   32018: A malformed human
            Wielded in right hand: A reinforced mace (1h) (300)
   32018: A dark servant, pulsing with evil (undead)
            Torso: A coal black cloak. (800)
   32018: A mountain orc wandering around [aggr]
   35500: A rock monster formed out of lava
   35500: A black wailing figure (undead)
   39586: An evil-looking guardian orc
   44844: A thick fog wall [Neutral]
   68911: A black ringwraith standing in guard (undead)
            Wielded in both hands: A huge two-handed sword (2h). (2000)
   91092: A grim ringwraith emitting a deadly aura (undead)
            Wielded in both hands: A huge two-handed sword (2h). (2000)
  116781: A huge figure standing on the path
  216450: Yorkaturr the orc shaman is here jumping around furiously
  360840: A huge ringwraith riding with a steed (undead)
            Wielded in both hands: A huge two-handed sword (2h). (2000)

Pixies [19 e;2 n;field;e;s;5 e;14 se;crack;2 e;dig;2 push stone] [Pim]
  273741: Pixie guard [kick][magic missile][evil]
            Wielded in both hands: Black morning star (1h) (glowing).
            Wielded in both hands: Black pole (1h) (glowing).
  660423: Elite pixie guard [kick][magic missile][evil]
            Wielded in both hands: Black morning star (1h) (glowing).
            Wielded in both hands: Black pole (1h) (glowing).
  479591: Pixie queen sitting on her throne [evil]
            Held: An iron lightning rod.
  828195: Pixie King sitting on his throne [evil]
            Amulet: royal amulet.
            Wielded in right hand: A titanium axe (1h).

Purple Sauruses [11 n;8 ne;path]
   17102: Ghast (undead) [aggr] [Evil]
   17102: A stout goblin warrior [Slightly Evil][faithless heathen]
            Wielded in right hand: A goblin blade (1h). (1000)
   18836: A purple saurus [Very good][Silvain]
   32018: A moose is here eating grass [Extremely good][Xellios]
   32018: A hungry wolf [aggr]
   32018: A hungry wolf [aggr][Slightly Evil]
   39586: A thief is hiding in here
            Wielded in right hand: An iron dagger (1h). (600)
  116781: A hairy frost giant [aggr]
  195079: A beautiful unicorn: A beautiful unicorn [Extremely good]
  735705: Fenrus the wise [fireball]
            Legs: Green leggings.
 1060584: A green ranger
 3257395: A giant frost devil [power blast|fireball|blizzard storm][aggr]
            Head: Shadow Helmet.
            Feet: Boots of Death.
        : A farmer looks very busy
        : A happy gardener
        : A hairy frost giant [aggr]
        : A large horse
        : A mighty bear king [aggr]
            Head: The helmet of the bears.
        : A small bear is playing with stick
        : A small horse
        : A soul guard standing watch

Ranger Forest [3 n;2 w;s;e;ran]
   13313-16041: A wood elf
   17102: An elven guard
   32018: A sloppy dwarf is eating here
   73549: An burly dwarf soldier is standing here
 1704408: Faulinei the shadowlord of falsehood is here!
 1704408: Nosfentor the shadowlord of cowardice is here!
 2054857: Astaroth the shadowlord of hatred is here!
 3238603: The king of the wood elves
 3294897: A spellcasting elf
 3291441: Artimis the Rangerlord

   18836: A rotting zombie (undead)
   32018: A skeleton (undead)
   32018: Old Ivan
   39586: Irma, the maid of the Kartovs
   39586: Irina Malkovits
   49737: Ivan, the valet of the burgomaster
   73549: A zombie here is grinning at you (undead)
   88300: Igor Malkovits
  195079: A beautiful vampiress (undead)
   88300: Anastasia Kartov
   49737: Ludmilla Kartov
   79867: Larissa Kartov, burgomaster's wife

Ravenkall [3 n;3 w;n;w;buy transport](requires 1000 gold)
        : A scruffy dog
        : A horrible-looking leper is here begging
        : Galadar the librarian
        : A peddler is here
        : Nathan Teichmiller is here looking for someone
        : A pitiful-looking beggar
        : A small Garter snake
        : A cute little squirrel playing on the ground.
        : A boy is sitting here
        : A little girl is here
        : A lizard sunning itself on a rock
        : A blue bird fies around
        : A tired looking gardener
        : A fireman is here
        : A guard of RavenKall
        : A Merchant is hawking his wares here
        : A loyal Cavalier stands here
        : An evil-looking raven
        : A large raven
        : A black raven
  116781: A legendary gleeman
            Cloak: The Gleeman's Cloak (glowing).
            Wielded in right hand: A double-edged dagger (1h).

Recruits [14 s;2 sw;in]
 4319-6037: A recruit preparing for service
    5532: A corporal trying to look tough
   16041: An anonymous NCO waiting for training to start rests here. [aggr][fireball]
  660423: Officer Mattila is giving orders here. [areas:snowstorm]
            Wielded in both hands: Officer's Axe (2h)
            Belt: Officer Belt
 1227649: Captain Soini, The ultimate ruler is here [aggr][areas:fireball][power blast]
            Wielded in right hand: Senior Officer's Sword (1h).
            Belt: Senior officer Belt.
 2528812: The On-Duty officer, Major Riekki [aggr][areas:lava storm,killing cloud]
            Neck: An On-call Officer's medal.
            Wielded in both hands: Mardaukaretha sword (2h).

   18836: A gazelle
   32018: A zebra
   73549: A black mamba [aggr][pois]
   73549: A hyena [aggr]
   79867: A cobra [aggr][pois]
   79867: A hippopotamus
   83915: A wildebeest
   88300: A giraffe
  116781: A crocodile
  195079: An elephant
  255667: A cheetah
  398453: A lion [aggr][acid arrow]
  425805: A rhinoceros [aggr][icebolt or firebolt]

Sea Elves [14 e;7 ne;village;E;enter ferry](costs 50 gold)
    1829: Brown hare
    3054: Kobold
   13313: Large spider [Neutral]
   14622: Wood elf gardener
   18836: Wood elf hunter
   18836: Sea elf commoner [Slightly good]
   18836: Sea elf diver [Slightly Good]
   32018: Leprechaun
   35500: Mountain troll
   39586: Sea elf guard [Slightly good]
            Torso and Arms: Leather armour.
            Wielded in right hand: Longsword (1h).
   73549: Drow elf raider [aggr][magic missile][Evil]
            Cloak: Drow cloak.
  189489: Sea elf chieftain

Sirros [10 s;20 w;20 s;18 n;trail]
    2418: A cute little squirrel playing on the ground.
   13313: A small, frail-looking, bartender sits behind his bar.
   16041: Umar sits here at the bar, swigging a beer.
   29071-30932: A citizen stands here
   32018: A Merchant is hawking his wares here
   32018: A dark man sits in the corner.
   79867: An old woman sits here in silence.

Swamps of Damorra [9 n;3 w;20 sw;20 sw;swamps]
    3545: A puny insect searching for flowers [Slightly Good]
   32018: A green swamp lizard [Slightly Evil][Gruumsh]
   35500: A blue swamp lizard [Slightly Evil][Gruumsh]
   39586: A red swamp lizard [Slightly Evil][Gruumsh]
   49737: Small crocodile [Evil][Kirvana]
   49737: A Toadman Warrior [Slightly Evil][Gruumsh]
   73549: A Toadman Sergeant [Slightly Evil][Gruumsh]
  195079: A giant swamp alligator [Slightly Evil]
  660423: A Huge swamp alligator [Slightly Evil]
 1060584: A Toadman Guard
            Wielded in right hand: Toadman Sword (1h). (400)
 1704408: A Lizard Guard
            Wielded in right hand: Lizard guard sword (1h).
 2054857: Mah the keyholder of the Lizard King
            Amulet: The Keyholders Amulet.
 2534237: The Lizard King
            Held: The Lizard King's Staff (glowing).

  116781: An elite centurion.
  195079: An imperial centurion.
 1812552: The emperor of Towanda.
            Head: Green Laurels.
        : The commander of the Towandese forces.
            Shield: Battle shield of Towanda.
            Wielded in right hand: Brass knuckles (1h).

Tower of Wizardry [11 n;20 w;sw;s;w]
   49737: A young wizard
            Torso: A yellow robe.
   79867: A protective golem stands here
            Wielded in both hands: Sword of the Protector (2h).
        : A wizard, dressed all in orange
  104613: A wizard of fire [aggr]
            Right finger: A red ring
  195079: A mad wizard [aggr]
            Feet: A pair of purple boots.
  255667: A grey wizard
            Legs: A pair of grey pants.
  273741: A white wizard
            Hands: A pair of white gloves.
  398453: A black wizard
            Arms: A set of black bracers.
  479591: A motionless golden wizard stands here
            Torso: A long golden robe.

Tyrannid Hive [14 n;14 nw][Hair]
    3545: Ripper swarm
   13313: Termagant
   16041: Tergoyle
   16134: Termagant
   17102: Tergoyle
   18836: Gene stealer
   30777: Tyranid warrior
   44844: An Invisible monster
   44844: Lictor
  116781: Carnifex
  167764: Hive tyrant
  174864: Zoanthrope

   18836: Tyririan Castleguard [neutral]
            Wielded in right hand: Tyririan long sword (1h). (1200)
            Shield: Tyririan Castleguard shield. (750)
  195079: Borgans Elite Guard [Neutral]
            Wielded in right hand: Tyririan morningstar (1h). (1500)
  398453: Borgans Elite Guard [Neutral]
            Wielded in right hand: Tyririan morningstar (1h). (1500)
 2322394: Lord Borgan [Neutral[
            Hands: Gauntlets of the Titans.
            Shield: The shield, Defender. (750)
            Wielded in right hand: Mace of Pain (1h).

Valley of Mystery
  273741-479591: Female natives [Neutral]
  660423: Native is here hunting some little animals [Neutral]
  735705: Native is here hunting some little animals [Neutral]
 1106628: Native is here checking his traps [Neutral]
 1106628: Male native is searching vegetables to eat [Neutral]

Valric Mines [15 e;7 s;enter]
    4979: Gremlin Brat
    6037: Furry Spider
    6037: A weak slave looking sickly
   13313: Gremlin Bitch
   15606: A strong slave wielding a large pick
            Wielded in both hands: Large Rusty Pick (2h).
   30467: Gremlin Warrior
            Wielded in right hand: Small Scimitar (1h).
   44675: Grinning Slaver holding a whip
   42072: Wicked Gremlin Warrior
            Wielded in right hand: Small Scimitar (1h).
  165042: Fat Gremlin Chief
            Torso: Black Chain Shirt.
            Wielded in right hand: Sharp Scimitar (1h).
            -A iron key
  212674: Dardel Sukstrel the Mine Commander
  660423: Gremlin Shaman
            Held: Black Skull.

Village Green [14 n;2 e;village]
    1829: A small eagle flies near by almost shitting on you
    3054: A huge owl flaps its wings trying to get into air
    3545: An enormous hawk observes the environment very carefully
   35500: A moose staring deep into your eyes
   39586: A lynx is hunting here

Village of Hor [10 w;2 n;20 nw;15 w]
    4319: Small goblin creature
   14622: Goblin creature
  195079: Security guard of Blain
 2322394: Blain the blackened sorcerer [areas:hellfire]
            Legs: Twisted leggings.
        : Guard of the village [Slightly Good]
            Wielded in right hand: A longsword (1h).
        : Apprentice of Hfran [Extremely good]
        : Child of the horian family [Slightly good]
        : Mother of the horian family [Slightly good]
        : Father of the horian family [Slightly good]

Zando's Area (See Greyhawk)

Zombie City
    2372: A wandering skeleton of dead person (undead)
    2418: Stray Sheep
    3545: An undead searching for its afterlife (undead)
 Mage Guild:
Mage Guild
 1233587: Big and ugly torturer [evil][brawl]
            Wielded in right hand: Nasty looking whip (1h).
 1060584: Female vampire, hissing dangerously [evil]
 1106628: Xoth the mad scientist
 1179758: Ferocious werewolf [evil]
 Psi Guild:
  660423: A powerful Drow priestess
 1060584: Rigel the assistant high priest
 1179758: Hook O'Connel The One Armed Bandit
 2433701: Cyndre the shopkeeper

Event mobs:
  388095: Holy Pigeon God (undead)
 Orc Invaders:
        : A very ugly Orc is raiding the town
 Portal Event:
   13313: Small Fire-spirit searching for revenge
   32018: Demonic Hound
   35500: Fire-spirit searching for victims to burn
   39586: Chaos Demon with wicked grin
   88300: Huge Fire-spirit searching for victims to burn
 Bank Robbers:
 2433701: Igor Stalinski President of Peoples Democratic Party
 1060584: Jamaica Stalinski a member of Peoples Democratic Party
   14622: A smelly Amazon warrior
        : A fat bloated Amazon Warrior
        : A beautiful Amazon warrior
        : A small Amazon
        : A dirty mangled Amazon warrior
        : A thin Amazon warrior
        : Gabrielle the Amazon Princess
            Head: A massive black mask.
            Wielded in right hand: A huge staff (1h).
        : Xena the warrior princess
            Torso: Black Leather Breastplate of Xena.
            Wielded in right hand: A long leather whip (1h).
            Wielded in left hand: A wicked longsword (1h).
 Grimoan the Gremlin Master:
   18836: Gremlin thief
   18836: Gremlin mage
   32018: Gremlin cleric
   35500: Gremlin sergeant
        : Gremlin psionicist [iron will, summon psisword, psychic crush]
        : Gremlin trooper [relocate]
        : Gremlin avenger [relocate, powerblast]
 Zombie Fog:
   24061: Cannibal zombie (undead)
        : The Guardian of Thunderdome
            Wielded in both hands: Thunderedge (2h) .

EQ mobs:
 2433701: Kinslaughterer, the Raver (Currently in Giant Body)
 2534237: Spectral hag (undead)
 2854077: Obizuth the Arch Mage
 7427629: Lucifer, Prince of Darkness sitting here on his throne. (undead)
 1375371: Shalash the gate guardian
  874813: Sintk the Dwarf.
 5501380: Tythus the necromancer, destroyer of worlds (glowing magneta)

Not Sure
 216450-479591: A Demon standing guard
  398453: A nasty looking Demon
  751562: A man sits here on the hill pondering
   16041: Brown Recluse
   39586: Brown Recluse
 3269361: Alminah, Demon Queen of Prevazya and protector of Kalidar
  398453: Ghost of the captain of the guards (undead)
 2433701: Alyandra Elista, former temptress of the Ebath clan (undead)
 1060584: A high priest of Belinik preparing for a ceremony
  735700: A temple guard standing on watch
            Wielded in right hand: An ordinary hand axe (1h) (balanced).
            Wielded in left hand: An ordinary hand axe (1h) (balanced).
  421485: A demonic guardian, dressed in red
 3254546: The village elder is here staring at the crystal

01:20  1310727: A Skeleton Warrior is standing guard here. (undead)
01:21  1888019: A Spectre is here flying (undead)
01:23  1267118: Frozen Shade (undead)
01:25  1156845: A Skeleton Warrior is standing guard here. (undead)
01:26  1888019: A Spectre is here flying (undead)
01:29  1216850: Horror Shade (undead)
01:32  1373454: Skeletal Guard
01:41  1237241: A demon rat (undead)
01:43   589879: Skeleton (undead)
01:49   781503: A skeletal guard (undead)
01:50   397346: A skeletal guard (undead)
01:55  1095198: Abdal Ristul, Arch-Warlock to the throne of Shrije (undead)
01:56  1216850: Unholy Paladin of Shirje (foaming at the mouth) (undead)
04:16  6508912: Lord Shrije, undead keeper of hell (undead)
09:44   660423: A Huge swamp alligator
09:59   660423: The senior cleric
10:07  1704408: The dragon Tahl-Sthor

01:58  2730760: Kernel Uthecar, Corn Soldier of Nephandus
01:58   660423: Corn assassin
03:07  2638182: Kernel Schzar, Corn Soldier of Nephandus
03:27  2730760: Kernel Nasthrax, Corn Soldier of Nephandus
03:43  3266286: Scarecrow, Avatar of Nephandus
04:16  3253301: Cronal Volstead, the local bandit lord standing in the corner
07:18  2730760: Kernel Malacar, Corn Soldier of Nephandus
07:44  2638182: Kernel Yochlol, Corn Soldier of Nephandus

04:20  1060584: A high priest of Belinik preparing for a ceremony
04:26  3035502: A huge guard standing on watch
04:36  3261221: An acolyte of Hurthang dressed in white robes
04:45  3244666: An icy assassin terminating targets
07:06  4738158: Hurthang the Cold, high priest of Belinik

04:05  2810377: A troll chief is here sitting on stone pedestal
04:08   720280: A HUGE fire elemental is guarding the volcano
04:12   195079: A Fiery Demon, Guardian of the Arena of Chaos
04:16   398453: Your DOOM!
04:20  3037708: The High Priest of Fire
04:30  3909120: Kzarxkt, the Fire Elemental, Guardian of the Crystal
                  Ra the Crystal of Fire, Amulet of Eternal Fire
04:38  2165780: A demonic guardian of Aar
04:39  2076238: An unholy guardian of Aar (undead)
04:55  3252054: Aar the Unholy Servant of Yeao (undead)
                  Xt the Crystal of Death, Helmet of the Dead
04:56   660423: Lesser Spirit of Underworld [casts forget]
05:08  3292272: Wwor the White Knight, Steward of Castle of Ice
                  Zt the Crystal of Ice
05:20  3241574: Wwar the High Magician of the Kingdom of Ice
                  Boots of Ice
05:24  3289162: A stoneman guard is here guarding the golden gate
                  The golden sword called 'Ffor' (2h)
05:29  1627689: A golden guard is blocking the corridor
05:36  1353350: A furry little squirrel

04:35    20000: A strange door in the north wall.
04:39  3044881: Ozael, guardian of the waterland plane
04:41   425805: A demonic guardian, dressed in red
04:43    88300: A small demonic guardian, dressed in red
04:44  3044881: Orezaal, guardian of the plane of the heart
04:49  3196502: Yramas, guardian of the plane of stars
04:53  3196502: Ulabal, guardian of the plane of slime
05:02  3004820: A large demon guarding the door
05:10  2491840: A large demon, guardian of the Queen
06:18  3239984: Alminah, Demon Queen of Prevazya and protector of Kalidar
06:21  2545951: Kalidar, the high priest of Prevazya

13:59  1704408: A cloud guard guarding the stairs going up
14:35  3221193: Kz the God of Thunder
14:38  1888019: A cloud guard guarding the staircase leading down
14:50  2856364: Verne the winged Vampire of Underworld (undead)

13:04    18836: A man hung in the staircase (undead)
13:10   660423: A rotten servant convulsing on the floor. (undead)
13:12    32018: A grey faced nanny with a skirt leaning to the wall (undead)
13:13    32018: A half maid floating in the air (undead)
13:14    35500: A colorful parrot.
13:14    32018: A zombie gardener (undead)
13:16    32018: A huge rat is here eating a festering head.
13:17    17577: A bloody and dismembered cook.
13:17    18836: A servant girl with half-burned face. (undead)
13:18    32018: A fire-spirit
13:18    32018: A fire-spirit
13:19    88300: The Mansion Lord, sitting on a sofa, looking at the fire.

14:58  1060584: Kiord the thief-fighter. Master of Keymaking
15:00   195079: A man returning from an adventure
15:03  1060584: The Great Snake of the cult of Set
15:08   660423: Rorem the Giant, personal guard of the king
15:08   660423: Balus the Giant, personal guard of the king
15:38  3146367: Epimetreus, High Sorcerer-Mage of Aquilonia
15:56  2667531: Ruler of Tarantia, the Cimmerian king of Aquilonia

12:31  3251938: Strange twisting portal constantly changing shape
                  Tome of Black Hell and Talisman of Black Hell

04:02    32018: Gremlin psionicist
04:02    44844: Gremlin trooper
04:03    17102: Gremlin cleric
04:03    18836: Gremlin mage
04:03    32018: Gremlin psionicist
04:04    30777: Gremlin psionicist
04:04    32018: Gremlin mage
04:05    44844: Gremlin trooper
04:05    17102: Gremlin mage
04:05    44844: Gremlin trooper
04:05    32018: Gremlin psionicist
04:06    39586: Gremlin sergeant
04:06    44844: Gremlin trooper
04:06    18836: Gremlin mage
04:08     1107: A yellow pigeon
04:08     4979: A small pigeon
04:16   195079: Gremlin avenger
04:16   195079: Gremlin avenger
04:23   195079: Gremlin avenger
04:26  2340945: Grimoan the gremlin master
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