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Nul {mud}: kubix is idiot pkiller
Lim [mud]: and you got killed by a level 25 how?
Nul {mud}: i am cleric ..
Lim [mud]: which means you bend over and LET him kill you?  or...
Neyasit [mud]: he's not a smasher
Lim [mud]: uhh, level 25 killed you in one shot?
Nul {mud}: it takes few shots
Lim [mud]: so again, how did he manage to do this?
Malys [sales]: w:emerald ring
Lim [mud]: lesson learned i hope...don't allow people to kill you
Boytest [mud]: what
Boytest [mud]: level 25 people rule
Nul {mud}: he replied when i asked why he attacked me , Kubix tells you 'cause i can
Cervantes the toasted [mud]: ress at tinkers
Lim [mud]: shrug, when i attacked him he told me to fuck off
Myria [mud]: Bling.
Neyasit [mud]: let's make a hunt?
Lim [mud]: apparently the same logic doesn't apply to him
Lim [mud]: well he's a pussy, sitting in his castle atm
Lim [mud]: Kubix:          The main gate.
Kubix [mud]:  its true
Kubix [mud]: u guys are gay
Zaxon {mud}: oh no
Neyasit [mud]: heh.. he won't get any ress from me.. only prays and smashes
Zaxon {mud}: plz don't call me gay
Zaxon {mud}: no no no
Zaxon {mud}: don't do it
Zaxon {mud}: plzzzz
Lim [mud]: nogit zaxon, i don't know if i can take the blow to my psyche
Lim [mud]: oh, and kubix, you started this :)
Kubix [mud]: just cause u guys are too stupid to let someoen pk u and not even notice that ur getting hit and u call me a dumbass?
Lim [mud]: so YOU'RE gay! ahahhahaha
Lim [mud]: nono, i called nul a dumbass first
Neyasit [mud]: lim = kubix?????
Lim [mud]: eheh
Kubix [mud]: am i right whoever get pked is stupid, u should have notice that u r getting hit and would exit the room
Zaxon {mud}: whoever gets pk'd is stupid?
Zaxon {mud}: fuck you're a dumbass
Zaxon {mud}: come sit in cs
Zaxon {mud}: you won't be able to leave the room
Boy : i'm sitting at cs
Neyasit [mud]: zaxon, please make kubix stupid =)
Kubix [mud]: so what if i sit in cs?
Zaxon {mud}: "after you notice yourself getting hit"
Cervantes [mud]: fuck u kubix youre the stupid!
Kubix [mud]: do u think i really care if i die?
Nul {mud}: what about making cubix stupid then
Neyasit [mud]: even irl>?
Zaxon {mud}: thats not what i'm talking about dude
Kubix [mud]: do u think i really care to die, if i go around killing people?
Zaxon {mud}: "you should leave the room"
Lim [mud]: nope, kubix, i just think you're a brat
Zaxon {mud}: i'm saying you are making dumbass statements
Nul {mud}: n
Zaxon {mud}: you're not stupid if you die
Zaxon {mud}: pc can kill most ppl in one spell, so how are you supposed to leave the room?
Lim [mud]: nods
Boy : pkcrystal
Zaxon {mud}: ok
Kubix [mud]: ok ill goto cs wahts that gonna prove? u guys kill me 100x and whats the point of that? cause i dont' really care if i die
Boy : help spell mirror mind
Lim [mud]: yawn, who's castle has a main gate entrance...should only take a boot to figure that one out
Zaxon {mud}: go fix d2 up boy
Kubix [mud]: here i goto cs, and get kill
Zaxon {mud}: dude we don't care :)
Boy : it would probably be smarter not to kill him
Boy : so maybe he'll shutup
Lim [mud]: nah, we'll just find your castle and kill your primary
Kubix [mud]: wow imma get pk, all i have to do is pray and come back
Zaxon {mud}: i have to type at least 10 command to come to cs, and it's not worth it just to kill you
Lim [mud]: ehehe
Zaxon {mud}: when i could instead of typing those 10 commands use the time to abuse you for being a moron
Boy : his primary is darc
Lim [mud]: that makes sooo much sense
Kubix [mud]: here i am kill me
Kubix the toasted [mud]: laf
Rcol [mud]: IIVIL PKILLER!
Lim [mud]: lef
Kubix [mud]: and ur point?
Kubix [mud]: again again again
Rcol [mud]: am i?
Boy : that if you don't shutit you're going to jail instead?
Kubix [mud]: would that make u feel better?
Neyasit [mud]: please log this stuff for kadaan's collection

Kubix the toasted [mud]: fuck u all nigga die fucking, white ass trash fuck america
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