Heroic: Ragnaros Down!

Went back and finally cleared Firelands on Heroic a couple weeks ago, something we didn't manage to do before 4.3 came out.


Heroic: Warmaster Blackhorn Down!

A couple weeks late, but we're now 6/8 Heroic! We were having a hard time soaking the smaller fireballs, but switched to the strat where we just burn down the drakes asap and only soak the large fireball and managed to kill him flawlessly on our first try after that.


Heroic: Hagara the Stormbinder Down!

We'd been having some trouble with the lightning phase, but first night after the 10% zone nerf we managed to get her dead relatively quickly.


Heroic: Ultraxion Down!

Around a half dozen attempts in on our second night and he died without much fuss.


Heroic: Warlord Zon'ozz Down!

Not quite as difficult as Yor'sahj, we managed to 1-shot him this week after the 5% zone nerf in patch 4.3.2. We also got in a few attempts at Heroic Ultraxion and had two sub-2% wipes but unfortunately no kill yet.


Heroic: Yor'sahj Down!

After many frustrating wipes, the healers decided to squeeze out as much dps as we could when not healing. Together we managed to put out a combined 2m damage that resulted in our first kill!


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