Bestiary and Incursion: Complete

Thought I'd never do it again... but ended up making 40/40 in both Bestiary and Incursion leagues as well.

Currently really enjoying FFXIV again, so it doesn't look like I'll be doing 40/40 in Delve. Might go back and aim for the portal, we'll see!

40/40 Abyss Challenges

Previous best was only 26 challenges. Decided to go all-in and see how far I could go.

Three Striped Mud Turtle Hatchlings

Lord of Ultima!

I've been playing this web-based game for a little while now, and my Alliance finally won first place on our server. Feels pretty good, now I don't have to log in every day! I'm kinda surprised how far I fell in rankings though. I stopped pushing hard once it was obvious we were going to win and dropped from top 100 down to #179.



We went by PetSmart yesterday to pick up some cat food, and a local dog rescue was set up outside with several dozen dogs. We've been wanting a dog for a while, and even had one all picked out at the local shelter before finding out our apartment building didn't allow dogs. When we moved in January we specifically looked for a place that would let us have a dog, we just haven't been back to the shelter since then.

Long story short, we found an amazing puppy of some sort of Schnauzer/Terrier/Chihuahua mix and brought her home today :D

Heroic: Ragnaros Down!

Went back and finally cleared Firelands on Heroic a couple weeks ago, something we didn't manage to do before 4.3 came out.


Heroic: Warmaster Blackhorn Down!

A couple weeks late, but we're now 6/8 Heroic! We were having a hard time soaking the smaller fireballs, but switched to the strat where we just burn down the drakes asap and only soak the large fireball and managed to kill him flawlessly on our first try after that.


Belle After His Snipping

Belle got neutered on Monday, so he's been a bit drugged out on pain meds...

Heroic: Hagara the Stormbinder Down!

We'd been having some trouble with the lightning phase, but first night after the 10% zone nerf we managed to get her dead relatively quickly.


Heroic: Ultraxion Down!

Around a half dozen attempts in on our second night and he died without much fuss.



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